New College of Florida

New College of Florida has developed an Academic Master Plan to serve as a road map for navigating the academic change of the next 10 years from 2008. It will be revised periodically. The Plan is firmly grounded in the College’s mission and affirms the academic features established by our founders over forty years ago.

Restated here, the College’s mission and goals are:

Our Mission: 
New College offers an undergraduate liberal arts education of the highest quality in a small, residential public honors college with a specific academic program which develops the student's potential as completely as possible. It encourages both discovery of new knowledge and values as well as acquiring established knowlege and values.The college also fosters the students effective relationship in the community.

Our Goals:
a. To provide a top quality education to high ability students who deserve a program that is both
stimulating and demanding.
b. To undertake undergraduate educational reform by combining educational innovation and excellence.
c. To provide programs of study that allow students to design their own educational experience in accordance with their own abilities interests, and values.
d. To challenge undergraduates both to master existing knowledge and also to undertake original


In the areas of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences New College offers more than 40
different majors. Double, Joint, Combined and Special Program Areas of Concentration may also
be designed following consultation and approval from faculty. Preparatory classes for programs
such as law and medicine can be arranged within most disciplines.

Areas of Concentration (AOC) Leading to a Bachelor's Degree:

Applied Mathematics
Art History
Marine Biology
Chinese Language & Culture
Computational Science*
Environmental Studies
French Language & Literature
Gender Studies*
German Language & Literature
International & Area Studies
European Studies
Medieval & Renaissance Studies
Natural Sciences
Political Science
Public Policy
Russian Language & Literature
Social Sciences
Spanish Language & Literature
Spanish Language & Culture
Urban Studies

Double & Joint Areas of Concentration
It is possible to complete a double major, for which you complete all requirements for two
different focuses of concentration.

Professional School Preparation
Students may prepare for professional school in the context of most majors offered at New
College. Faculty and the Center for Career Education offer guidance for students preparing for law
or business school, medical or veterinary school, and other advanced degree programs. Cathy
Cuthbertson, Director of the Center for Career Education, serves as the pre-law advisor and also
co-advises pre-med students along with Paul Scudder, Division Chair of Natural Sciences and
Professor of Chemistry.