Art Institute of Tampa

Miami International University (MIU) has branches at Tampa and Jacksonville which provide students with experience in both academic and practical skills in the creative disciplines (culinary, fashion, media arts, design, and general education). Thus, if students want to gain a graduate degree or enter the industry connected to their studies, they will be academically and practically prepared.

Each degree program is provided on a year-round basis, letting students finish their degrees in
three years if they wish. The faculty at MIU and its branches have academical credentials pertinant
to their respective teaching areas. Also, many of the faculty are working professionals. As well,
degree programs are carefully designed with the support and contributions from leading
professionals from the local community. Curricula are reviewed periodically to ensure that they
meet both the academic needs and those of a changing marketplace.

Students are expected to achieve an understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge relative
to their degree. This is demonstrated through measurable outcomes outlined in each course.
Each degree program is defined so that students complete specific courses and develop
analytical learning abilities as well as with educational values which contribute to lifelong

Here at The Art Institute of Tampa you can learn real-world skills and gain hands-on experience
which you need to start and follow opportunities in the culinary field. There’s nothing quite like
the culinary profession along with the satisfaction and knowlege that you’ve found your niche.

Baking & Pastry-Associate of Arts
Culinary Arts-Associate of Arts
Culinary Management-Bachelor of Arts
Baking & Pastry-Diploma
Culinary Arts-Diploma

As a design school, The Art Institute of Tampa can offer you a variety of design programs. This
Tampa Design program is a good fit for the inventive, creative and inquisitive student. The
courses teach you to combine form and function into a product or concept that is visually
pleasing but which also meets consumer needs.

Graphic Design-Associate of Arts
Graphic Design-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Interior Design-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Design & Media Management-Master of Arts

Are you searching for a fashion school which can introduce you to the exhilarating world of
fashion? It is never boring, always changing, and you need to constantly re-invent yourself to stay
ahead of the edgiest, latest, hottest designs. If you wear your creativity on your sleeve, our
fashion program will allow you to showcase your unique vision and make your mark in fashion
design. The Art Institute of Tampa has the fashion program to give you the education that can
help you launch your career in this high-profile industry.

Fashion & Retail Management-Bachelor of Arts
Fashion Retailing-Diploma

The Art Institute of Tampa can provide you with a variety of programs to undertake. Media arts
school graduates create music, Web sites, movies, video games, and more for our world. If you are
imaginative, creative, detail oriented, as well as being ready to learn technical skills the Institute
could be the place where you can learn to merge your creative talent with technical skills to
produce functional works of art. Our media arts school can show you how to utilise design to
communicate your ideas to the world.

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Digital Photography-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Game Art & Design-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Media Arts & Animation-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Web Design & Interactive Media-Bachelor of Fine Arts
Digital Image Management-Diploma
Web Design & Development I-Diploma
Web Design & Development II-Diploma

The core electives and curriculum in the General Education Department complements the technical
training our students gain and provide the student with broader knowledge and more creative
thought. The course content is designed to provide critical thinking and a support structure for
learning for students in all study programs.

The General Education Department also aims to stimulate the imagination, provoke students'
curiosity, and encourage them to set out on a lifetime of independent learning. The programs
nurture the intellectual and aesthetic maturity of students and instill in them esteem for human

Lastly, the Department takes a holistic approach to learning. It makes connections between all subject matters, their pertinance to historical and cultural contexts, and the professions that lie ahead.